Rental Policies
27 Feb 2017


Rental Procedure:

Renters driving our vehicle must meet the following requirements:? 1) Must have a valid driver’s license 2) Must be at least 25 years of age 3) Must have current proof of auto liability insurance under renter’s name 4) Renter must have both liability insurance and collision coverage (Collision Coverage – RCP – is available for purchase at Nashville Van Rentals) 5) By our judgment, must be fit to drive our vehicles (NVR will not rent to renters who appear to be under the influence of any kind). Nashville Van Rentals does not sell Collision Damage Waiver or Physical Damage Waiver insurance. If from a foreign country, renter must provide insurance coverage that provides DOC (Drive Other Car) in the US. Otherwise, renter will need to secure non-owner’s policy from an insurance provider in the US. Nashville Van Rentals does not accept credit card rental car protection.

What you need to know about insurance:
I) Liability insurance: This covers any damage or injuries you may cause to someone else due to your fault or negligence. It will cover the damage to the other person’s car, as well as any injuries they may have. However, liability insurance does not cover damage to your own vehicle.

II) Collision insurance: Collision insurance covers collision damage to your vehicle (in this case the rented vehicle), regardless of who is at fault. Renters Collision Protection (RCP) is auto liability insurance that many rental companies will allow you to purchase at the rental counter.  It provides supplemental excess coverage to your own personal auto insurance policy. Nashville Van Rentals offers supplemental liability insurance (Ask for details).

Our vans are high value vehicles. Please help keep our maintenance costs manageable by taking ownership of them and treating the unit like it is the renter’s own: We require that all of our renters get an oil change and safety inspection every 10,000 miles at a Mercedes Benz dealer. This is for our renter’s safety! Again, only a Mercedes Benz dealer is authorized to work on our vehicles so please call us and we will set up an appointment at a conveniently located dealer. This is at no cost to the renter as per an agreement between Nashville Van Rentals and Mercedes Benz dealers across the US and Canada. Renters who drive more than 500 miles over this mark without an oil change will be charged an additional fee. Sprinter vans require a refill of DEF (Diesel Exhaust Fluid). This fluid helps make the Sprinter emit lower emissions and is better for the environment. A warning light will appear when a refill is required. DEF is sold at most auto parts stores and is inexpensive and easy to refill.  Keep your receipt and we will, of course, reimburse our renter for the fluid. Absolutely no stickers, graffiti, or any other kind of tag anywhere in or outside of the van are allowed. Renter will be charged an additional cleaning fee if this happens. Driving our vehicles on unpaved surfaces, off road, or into the desert is prohibited. Our vehicles are strictly NON-SMOKING. If Nashville Van Rentals determines that you have smoked in our vehicle, a cleaning fee of $500 will be charged. Our vehicles may only be operated in the US and Canada. They are not allowed in Mexico. Unfortunately, for safety and liability reasons we do not supply snow chains and do not recommend you drive anywhere that requires snow chains. Renters are solely responsible for any damage to the vehicle. We provide amenities such as video/game system, power inverters, GPS units in some of our vehicles.  In case of malfunction, there are no discounts or refunds. GPS units have an extra charge of $5/day. We do not supply batteries for headphones and game controllers.

Repair policy:

Tow service: Should the renter ever need it, Nashville Van Rentals offers a 24 hour nationwide road service available to help you. The membership number and telephone number are on the rental agreement. Should the renter have any problems, please call Nashville Van Rentals immediately at 615-300-8959. Every van has a spare tire. However, renter is not permitted to self change the tire. Renter must call our tow service and have a tow truck driver come and change the tire. Please let the NVR office know if there are any vehicle issues so we can arrange to have the spare replaced.

Mechanical repair policy:

In the case of a mechanical repair being necessary during the course of your rental, please contact the NVR office to make necessary arrangements. Our vehicles are serviced only by Mercedes Benz dealers. Failure to follow policies voids agreement and any supplemental insurance purchased. If we feel something is unsafe, Nashville Van Rentals reserves the right to make the final decision regarding the issue. NVR is not responsible for any expenses due to unforeseen circumstances.

Remote and Rural Areas: If renter operates vehicle into the middle of the desert, into national parks, on camping trips, or to other remote and/or rural areas far from mechanic shops and part supplies, this will have a corresponding impact on our ability to get you moving quickly again if there is a problem. Renters assume the risk when traveling in remote and isolated areas, or when traveling to other countries. Nashville Van Rentals is not liable for any expenses you may incur as a result of renter’s travel to remote areas. Prohibited use of the vehicle violates this agreement, voids all liability and other insurance coverage, and makes vehicle subject to immediate recovery by Nashville Van Rentals. Nashville Van Rentals is never liable for the loss of revenue due to vehicle downtime under any circumstances, even if due to our own fault or neglect. Please contact a travel insurance agency for any travel policy inquiries.

Trailer Policy:
Towing a trailer is done at renter’s own risk!

Tickets / Tolls / Transponders / EZ-Pass etc. The renter is responsible for all tickets, fines, fees, licenses, permits, taxes, or fines, required by or resulting from the renter’s use or operation of the vehicle. If a fine remains unpaid and Nashville Van Rentals receives a delinquent violation notice, we will charge an administration fee in addition to the fine to pay and process the fine on your behalf.

Payment Policy:
All payments are due immediately upon rental. Commercial accounts requiring net-30 terms must be setup in advance. The renter guaranteeing the reservation expressly authorizes Nashville Van Rentals, LLC to process the credit card on file for any and all charges due under the agreement unless other arrangements have been made in advance. Payments more than 15 days late will be charged a 15% late payment penalty. Delinquent balances may be subject to additional legal and/or collection fees.

Cancellation Policy:
Tours of three days or less require a non-refundable deposit equal to one days rental. All other rentals require a 30% non-refundable deposit. Tours cancelled on the first day of rental or afterwards will be charged for the entire reservation.

This information form is for informational purposes only. It is not designed to replace our rental agreement, and our rental agreement supersedes any information found on this page. Policies may be changed without notice.